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Art of Participatory Leadership Training

28 – 30 September, Istanbul, Türkiye

Art of Participatory Leadership Training

How can we navigate the complexity & uncertainty of these times and cultivate resilience in ourselves, our organizations, and our communities?

The Need

Many of today’s challenges are complex, meaning that a direct cause and effect cannot be determined because they result from many interrelated factors. Many people are living challenges such as rising cost of living, extreme weather changes due to the climate crisis, violations against human and labor rights, etc. All of these complex challenges include multiple levels of uncertainty. Leading in these times is, therefore, far from simple. In fact, many leaders – whether in the private, public or voluntary sectors – often struggle to diagnose the root causes of the challenges they face due to them being complex. This often leads to decisions based on symptoms, resulting in little change or impact. People become disillusioned seeking safety in those with the same view.

The Potential

A different approach is needed, one that can support us to rediscover and reconnect to our authenticity, essence, and origin, yet at the same time enable new contemporary expression. When things get complex, community and conversations become the structure that enable us to navigate into the unknown. Leadership ceases being about telling and knowing the answers. Instead, it is about asking the right questions and convening the diversity of knowledge and experience to discover collectively new levels of intelligence, potential, and a range of solutions to ensure collective resilience.

The Offer

The Art of Participatory Leadership offers the awareness and practices necessary to face complexity as we transition between paradigms and collaboratively create new ways of organizing towards new regenerative futures. It is a practice that prioritizes diversity and collaboration where we discover and cultivate new collective intelligence together.It is a practice that has been supporting individuals, organizations, communities, and groups to “be the change” for the past 25 years. And because we are a global community of practitioners, this expands the potential and impact of learning, increasing our ability to respond in times of crisis.

İstanbul training

We invite you to join our training gathering around the question:

How can we navigate the complexity & uncertainty of these times and cultivate resilience in ourselves, our organizations, and our communities?

It is an experiential and hands-on training. We exchange knowledge, experience participatory methods, and explore mental models and theories of complexity, change, and systems thinking. We dive into new forms of leadership, based on Living Systems – where interconnection, collaboration, and self-organizing around purpose lead to results for collective well-being. We remember how to listen to ourselves, each other, and the world within and around us.

What will you learn?

Together we will explore new perspectives, tools, and practical ways of engaging a diverse group of people to discover new ideas and solutions by working regeneratively with complexity, conflict, and, emergence. Specifically you will learn how to:

  • Design collaborative initiatives and projects
  • Host meaningful conversations and harvest actionable insights
  • Apply Art of Participatory Leadership methods to your projects and challenges (Such as World Cafe, Open Space Technology, Circle practice and many more… )
  • Spark change towards regeneration in mainstream organizations, such as companies
  • Be more resilient and equipped for adapting to an ever-changing world
  • Leverage models for working with complexity, conflict, and emergence
  • Translating your ideas and seeds of innovation into experiments and initiatives
  • Notice and shift personal, team, and systemic behaviors and norms
  • Introduce the benefits of participatory leadership to your own field

We are especially inviting people who are:

  • Seeking a deeper understanding of how to plan and act positively in uncertainty?
  • Wishing to create strong teams that have the capacity to work with complex challenges?
  • Change-agents in corporations and in other organizations seeking to address the challenges of change towards sustainability and regeneration
  • Wanting to create meaningful spaces for community and stakeholders to collaborate and co-create?
  • Looking to explore new ways of evaluating results?
  • Curious to learn the underlying theory of collaboration and complexity?
  • Ready to ask the question “Why” over and over again?

This training is for you if you are:

  • Leading multi-stakeholder projects and initiatives in the business or non-profit sector;
  • Working in public service;
  • Creating social innovations;
  • Leading or being part of grassroots movements and communities;
  • Leading diverse teams;
  • Already attended an Art of Hosting training before and want to refresh and deepen your practice;
  • Anyone who is willing to inquire about new ways of leading, working, and being together.

Registration and Fees

Type Fees
Participants coming from high-income countries 650 EUR
Participants coming from mid-low-income countries 450 EUR
Participants from Türkiye (corporate) 7500 TRY
Participants from Türkiye (standart) 5000 TRY
Early bird discount if you apply before August 20th 10%
  • Fees include three lunches and coffee breaks during the training.
  • Fees do not include accommodation and transportation.
  • Please contact us if you need a scholarship, with a little bit of background. We wish that economics should not be the only barrier for your attendance to our training.
  • Once you registered our team will reach you in terms of payment.

Hosting Team

Our training brings together a team of people with over 20 years of experience in creating cultures of collaboration by working with conversational practices that create new results. They, themselves, are continuously inquiring and experimenting with creating meaningful work through collaboration. Together, they bring the experience of working in International and European Institutions, large NGOs, private companies, foundations, small non-profit organizations, and communities, as well as working with senior and middle managers, activists, community organizers, multi-stakeholders groups, etc.

Organizing Team

As the organizing team of İstanbul training, we are a group of passionate people for change working in various fields from enterpreneurship to sustainability, from leadership to youth work. We would like to help you to experience a learningful and smooth training, so, we bring our superpowers to host you in İstanbul in late September.

Aysel Kapsız
Berfu Batmaz
Ece Çakır
Ekin Al
Gülen Demiralp
İlayda Küçükafacan
İremnur Koç
Metin Ertürk
Nazlıcan Çikot
Oğuzhan Parmaksız
Yonca Bartu
Zübeyir Tosun
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